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Composite Constant Speed Propellers

Whirl Wind Aviation offers a complete line of composite constant speed propeller systems for the most popular kit planes and experimental aerobatic aircraft. Thousands of home built aircraft have realized increased performance due to our propeller's low overall weight and advanced, low-drag tapered tip blade designs. Our tapered tip also reduces propeller noise for quieter, more comfortable operation.

For many years Whirl Wind Aviation has been producing propeller systems and products for unlimited category aerobatic competitors, as well for the nation's top air show performers. Our proven engineering and composite manufacturing background guarantees that your choice to use a Whirl Wind propeller is sure to make your airplane a winner.

Whirl Wind Aviation propeller systems are constant speed, hydraulically controlled using standard propeller governors. The Whirl Wind family of propellers can accommodate engine horsepower ranges from 80 to 425 hp and are offered in Standard or Aerobatic configurations. Whirl Wind propellers are experimental class and are not subject to any Federal Aviation Administration regulations. The operator acknowledges that these are experimental propellers and agrees to assume all risk in operating them on an experimental aircraft or any other machine. Any and all information in the owner’s manual, service letters and other documentation are suggestions only and may not apply to an operator’s specific application.


The composite blades of the Whirl Wind Aviation propeller were designed using proven aerospace engineering methods and are constructed of graphite composite to create the lightest and strongest propeller in the industry. The propeller hubs are CNC machined from solid aircraft quality aluminum alloy and are available in two, three or four blade configurations.

Each propeller blade is equipped with a nickel leading edge inlay for increased blade protection and to maximize blade life. The blades are prepared for finish using Duratec® primer and then painted with a high-gloss urethane base coat / clear coat finish. The propeller system is completed with a composite spinner and bulkhead assembly in ready-to-paint Duratec® primer coat. Every Whirl Wind propeller system is shipped completely assembled with all hardware required for installation.

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