Whirlwind Aviation a service center for Whirlwind Propellers Corp. products. WWA is subsidiary of Titan Aircraft and not affiliated to Whirlwind Propellers other than an authorized service center located in Austinberg, OH.

Whirlwind Corporation recommends that maintenance and repair of Whirl Wind propellers only be performed by Whirlwind Aviation or Whirl Wind authorized service centers.

Our goal is continuous product improvement and as such we want to service as many of our propellers as possible. This provides valuable data on the life and performance of the materials and components used in every Whirl Wind propeller. We understand, however, that geographic separation may not make it practical to return your propeller to Whirl Wind for service. Visit our distributors page for a complete list of authorized U.S. and international service centers.

WARRANTY CLAIMS:Required service that falls within the Whirl Wind standard warranty period must be coordinated with Whirlwind Aviation. In consideration of a warranty claim Whirl Wind should, whenever possible, perform suspected warranty service so a proper investigation can be completed with respect to our specific manufacturing specifications. As stated above, if time will not allow for the propeller's return to Whirl Wind please contact Whirl Wind in advance of service by an unauthorized service center or certified mechanic.

Whirl Wind Standard Tear-Down Inspection Service

Our standard, base rate tear down inspection service includes the following parts and labor:

  • The propeller is completely disassembled. All components are thoroughly cleaned and inspected for wear and / or fatigue
  • All o-rings are replaced (blade, hub, oil tube and piston)
  • Cylinder gasket is replaced
  • Ball bearings and separators (where applicable) are replaced
  • Roll pins are replaced
  • Pitch link bushings are replaced
  • Blade snap rings are replaced (when required)
  • Pin bases are inspected for fatigue (Magnaflux)
  • Pin base bolts are replaced (where applicable)
  • Counter weight hardware is replaced (where applicable)
  • All necessary hardware is replaced
  • Blades are shimmed as required (new shims may be necessary)
  • Propeller is statically balanced

Upon inspection, if we find additional replacement parts not listed above are required we will contact the owner in advance of completion of the repair to discuss costs and alternatives.

Additional costs related to tear down inspection service may include:

  • Shipping costs to and from Whirlwind Aviation
  • Applicable duties and taxes
  • Crating and / or packaging cost if the incoming container is not usable.  (Such charge will be discussed with the customer in advance.)
Propeller Service Schedule

The following is the current tear down inspection schedule for each model propeller. This table is presented only as a guide. In all cases the original propeller data sheet, or the latest one issued, is the governing document for service intervals for each specific propeller by serial number. Tear down inspection times are typically increased as products mature.

Service intervals are based on operating time (hours) or calendar time (years), whichever comes first. Please contact Whirlwind Aviation for current service prices.

Propeller Tear Down Inspection Hours Tear Down Inspection Years
100-2 400* 5
100-4 (70") 400* 5
100-4E (70" Electric) 250* Annual
100-4-84 (84") 250* 3
150/151 100* 5
151H 200* 5
200RV 650* 6
RV-10 650* 5
74RV 650* 6
74HRT 650* 6
77HRT 800* 6
375RV 650* 6
375HRT 800* 6
378HRT 800* 6
379RV 400* 3
200G 1,000* 5
200G-CS 650* 6
210G 1,000* 3
210 650* 5
200A 650‡ 6‡
284 650* 6
200AC (Aerobatic) 250* Annual
200C (Aerobatic) 250* Annual
400AC (Aerobatic) 250* Annual
400C (Aerobatic) 250* Annual
200 Rocket 650* 6
400 Rocket 800* 6
400C-M14 400* 5

Whirlwind Aviation services only Whirl Wind brand propellers.

Note: Not a WWA product but a Titan Aircraft propeller. The link on this propeller is to Titan Aircraft web page.

* Note: All Whirl Wind propellers should be subject to a thorough annual visual inspection including removal and inspection of the spinner dome. Follow all pre-flight and periodic visual inspections as detailed in the Whirl Wind product manuals.

New Design Release: Tear down inspection interval is preliminary and subject to change.

If you are interested in being added to our list of approved propeller service centers, please contact us at Service Email.