100 Series Propeller

100 Series Propeller

Maximum Performance • Lightest Weight • Best Quality
Quiet and Smooth Operation • Complete Propeller & Spinner Package • Competitive Price

Now you can experience the total performance improvement of a constant speed propeller at a fraction of the weight and cost normally associated with constant speed propellers. Not only is the 100 Series the lightest constant speed propeller available (9.3 lbs), it also delivers excellent performance. The 100 Series is a two-blade hydraulic constant speed propeller designed for the Rotax 912 and 914 engines (80 - 115hp).

The hub is CNC machined from certified aerospace aluminum alloy, then shot peened and anodized. The propeller blades are constructed from advanced thermoset composite materials and are equipped with a nickel leading edge for abrasion protection. The 100 Series System includes: propeller, spinner, and all hardware needed for installation. Some engines may require a conversion to accommodate a hydraulically controlled propeller system.