151 Series Propeller

151 Series Propeller

Maximum Performance • Lightest Weight • Best Quality
Quiet and Smooth Operation • Complete Propeller & Spinner Package • Competitive Price

Designed specifically for today's contemporary kitplanes, the 151 Series propeller may be the ultimate solution for your firewall forward system. The 151 Series is a lightweight three-blade hydraulic constant speed propeller designed for the most popular kitplanes using the standard Lycoming O-320 (165 hp max.).

The 151 builds on the strengths of the original 150 by incorporating a host of improvements:

  • Opti-Q® airfoil: faster cruise and top speed
  • 69" diameter: reduced tip speeds for greater efficiency and lower noise
  • Teflon lined blade sockets: smoother pitch change, reduced wear
  • Spinner bulkhead attach reengineered: increased durability

The 151 remains the lightest weight constant speed propeller available — 28 lbs total system weight. Contributing to this lightweight is our one-piece hub that is CNC machined from certified aerospace aluminum alloy. The propeller blades are constructed using our patented design and process, using advanced thermoset composite materials to make the lightest and strongest blades possible. This design has been tested to exceed more than two times the blade retention load required by FAR 35 (4 times normal retention load).

These blades use the same patented, time proven design as our successful aerobatic propellers (the 200C and the 400C). Each 151 series blade is equipped with a nickel leading edge for the best possible abrasion protection — this means flying from dirt runways and through rain is no problem. Our craftsmanship and attention to detail are simply unparalleled. Important to builders in reducing construction time, our spinner packages for RV, Glasair, Glastar, and Lancair are fully completed requiring only paint.

With the Whirl Wind 151 you can expect to get the maximum performance possible from your aircraft. You'll experience shorter take-off distance, better climb, improved overall acceleration, top speed and more efficient cruise. Ask any of our growing family of 150- and 151-series owners at a fly-in: the smooth, quiet ride can only be described as remarkable.

The perfect companion for your Whirl Wind, we specify the Jihostroj P-920-028/A governor for the 151 Series due to its proven reliability, compact (4.9" base to arm) design, and light 2 lbs weight.