284 STOL Constant Speed Propeller

284 STOL Constant Speed

284 STOL Constant Speed Propeller

Maximum Performance • Lightest Weight • Best Quality
Quiet and Smooth Operation • Complete Propeller & Spinner Package • Competitive Price

The big 84" 284 constant speed, hydraulically controlled two-blade propeller systems are ideal for STOL aircraft powered by the Lycoming IO-320, -340, -360, -370/375 or -390 engines (160-210 hp).

All experienced back country pilots know that large diameter propellers have a performance advantage, and the Whirl Wind 284 delivers the performance you need to clear the ominous tree line at your favorite back country strip. The large diameter of the 84" 284 propeller develops outstanding low speed thrust equaling exceptional short take off performance and shorter landing distance due to its braking effect. But STOL performance is not all that the 284 offers. The clean blade design makes the 284 a very efficient cruise propeller as well, and flight tests have proven it to be as much as 20 mph faster than its fixed-pitch competitors on cub type airplanes.

The 284 hub is machined from a single piece of aluminum alloy. The extremely aggressive, thin blade airfoil of the 284 could only be achieved by using the advanced carbon composite structure manufacturing techniques that Whirl Wind developed. This cutting edge process involves overlaying the thermoset carbon fiber composites over a high density foam core. This new technology has yielded a thinner yet very strong blade. And the carbon composite materials ensure an extremely strong yet extraordinarily light and durable propeller system with unlimited life. And as with all Whirl Wind propellers, the 284 comes standard with 0.050" thick nickel leading edge erosion shields, making the propeller perfectly suited for flying in rain or snow, off of unimproved airstrips and water.

The propeller systems includes a composite spinner assembly and various sizes are available.