300 Series Propeller

300-3B/A-70 & 300-3B/A-72 Series Propellers

Maximum Performance • Lightest Weight • Best Quality
Quiet and Smooth Operation • Complete Propeller & Spinner Package • Competitive Price
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Our revolutionary 300-72 three blade propeller in flight!

The 300 Series is an entirely new three blade propeller platform designed specifically for RV-style aircraft. Whirl Wind incorporated advanced engineering tools in the development of the 300 Series, including exclusive use of full solid modeling including animation, high end finite element analysis and extensive vibratory studies on a wide range of engines, including the IO-320, -360, and -390 engines. The 300 Series has endured more design scrutiny and study than any other prior Whirl Wind design.

The 300-3B/A-72 development has taken several years. Pilots have noted increased take off acceleration and an increased rate-of-climb with the same top speed as Whirl Wind's legendary 200RV Series™ propeller.

This propeller is the lightest weight constant speed propeller in its class. It is a three blade propeller that is lighter than Whirl Wind's two blade 200RV Series propeller or two blade HRT Series propeller due to the 300 Series' optimized, compact design.

In addition to weight savings the 300 Series composite propeller offers ultra-smooth operation and lower cockpit noise levels. For most applications we recommend the 300-3B/A-72 (commonly known as the 300-72); but for low horsepower, low FPA, or low ground clearance applications, we offer this propeller in a 70" diameter: 300-3B/A-70.

The blade structure is manufactured from theromoset epoxy/graphite composite matrix. This advanced composite structure ensures high strength and blade accuracy in all flight environments. Whirl Wind propellers come standard with electroformed Nickel leading edge for superior fit and abrasion protection. The hub is CNC machined from aerospace aluminum, dimensionally certified and anodized. Standard blade finish is satin black.