400C-M14 Series Propeller

400C-M14 Series Propeller

Maximum Performance • Lightest Weight • Best Quality
Quiet and Smooth Operation • Complete Propeller & Spinner Package • Competitive Price

Whirlwind Aviation developed the 400C-M14 Propeller System specifically for the Vedeneyev M14P and M14PF radial aircraft engines used on Yakolev “Yak” and Nanchang CJ-6 airplanes. These M14 engines have also found new life in experimental kit aircraft such as the Pitts Model 12 and 14.

The 400C-M14 is a 3-blade, 103” diameter counter-weighted aerobatic propeller system. It incorporates our state-of-the art carbon fiber blades with nickel leading edge erosion shields, machined aluminum hub and 19” diameter composite spinner assembly.

Performance and Quality: The 400C-M14 propeller has been designed to maximize the aerobatic performance of your airplane. The exceptional performance is derived from advanced engineering developments including the use of our latest airfoils and tapered tip design. The 400C-M14 is a very hearty propeller system that can tolerate being flown in inclement weather and off unimproved airstrips.

Whirl Wind has made significant developments in the construction of the carbon composite propeller blades ensuring a strong, light and durable propeller system.  The lightweight blades reduce the gyroscopic load on the crankshaft and assists in slow aerobatic maneuvers.  The blade twist has been optimized for aerobatic performance and the wide cord provides more low-speed thrust and braking on long down lines.

The 400C-M14 requires the use of a splined prop flange adapter to mate to the Vedeneyev M14 engines, readily available from Whirlwind Aviation.