Propeller Series

100 Series

Now you can experience the total performance improvement of a constant speed propeller at a fraction of the weight and cost normally associated with constant speed propellers.

100-4 Series

4-blade 100 Series propeller systems designed specifically for the the Titan Aircraft T-51 Mustang.

200AC/400AC Aerobatic

The 200AC / 400AC high performance counterweighted aerobatic propeller systems feature "scimitar" blade shapes incorporating Whirl Wind proprietary technology of thermoset carbon fiber over a high density foam core. Aggressive airfoil designs for aggressive, unlimited class aerobatics.

200C/400C Aerobatic

The 200C / 400C Series systems consists of carbon fiber blades with nickel leading edge erosion shields, aluminum hub and a composite spinner.


Developed for the Vedeneyev M14P and M14PF radial aircraft engines formerly used in Yakolev "Yak" airplanes. Today, they have found new life in experimental kit aircraft such as the Pitts Model 12 and 14.

284 STOL Constant Speed

The large diameter 284 propeller develops outstanding low speed thrust equaling exceptional short take off performance and shorter landing distance due to its braking effect. This performance as well as solid nickel leading edge erosion shields make the 284 the perfect back country constant speed propeller system.

STOL Constant Speed

Extremely durable, light weight, two-blade constant speed hydraulic propeller systems that develop outstanding thrust for STOL operations of utility aircraft equipped with Lycoming four cylinder engines.

STOL Ground Adjustable

The Whirl Wind 200G is ground-adjustable pitch propeller. Unlike conventional ground adjustable propellers, their blade pitch easily adjusts in ½° increments from 9° to 26° via a single adjustment screw.

300 Series

Whirl Wind is excited to introduce our newest design, the 300 Series propeller. The 300 Series is an entirely new three blade propeller platform designed specifically for four cylinder aircraft engines ranging from 160 to 220 horsepower.

HRT Series

The 2017 class of high speed, high performance propeller systems feature a wider tip "scimitar" blade shape incorporating Whirl Wind proprietary technology of thermoset carbon fiber over a high density foam core. Cutting edge airfoil designs for high speed that also deliver exceptional cruise performance.

RV Series

Clean sheet designs crafted specifically for the popular RV series aircraft, our RV Series are the ultimate RV propellers!