Submitted by: Andy Beasley

Outstanding Products with Service to Match

I've never offered a product testimonial in my life, but my experience with Whirlwind Aviation has compelled me to write. Read more >>>


Submitted by: Rick Gray

RV's and Rockets Propellers

The Whirlwind prop is by far my own personal favorite in overall performance, looks, sound, reliability, and customer service. Read more >>>


Submitted by: Kendall Simpson

Whirlwind Aviation 400C-M14 on Pitts 12

The short story is that yes the Whirl Wind 400C-M14 is definitely a viable alternative to the MT!  The un-opinionated facts are this; they pull the same on the scale, the MT is 4lbs lighter and the Whirl Wind is $3,400.00 cheaper. Read more >>>


Submitted by: Robbie Attaway

Whirl Wind 200RV Gives More Speed

I really wanted to tell you that the Whirl Wind prop has turned out to be the most efficient prop that I have found out of the three props I tested on my RV6.Read more >>>